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May 17, 2010
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BP's room D: by BP-wolf BP's room D: by BP-wolf
blank: [link]

tagged by my baby :iconsomber-vampiex3:

0. exam sheet and my bookshelf, with random crap. lol pokemon movie XD that makes me cry everytime :'C yes, i have twilight.
window :dummy: with my clay cerebeus that won in the gallery ;;__;; idk why i won *sobs* its dark out :U
bedside table + underwear drawer XD idk why i dont throw out all those bottles.

1. i srsly dont know how half those things got in my bag. had to take my wallet/keys out of my schoolbag to put here~ phone isnt here XD dont ask why i have so much spare change. idk why either.

2. i never make my bed :U coathangers hang clothes duh

3. SO MANY POSTERS FFFFF my closet is neat, i swear.


4. SEBASTIANNN!!! haha with an adorable kaito wallpaper XD not much to say. except theres 3 mangas there. talking to my friend, and she gave me this [link] i gave her ihetalia XD

5. old drawings before i joined dA :'D ++ lots of posters. the fairy one is coolio. idk what the little drawing thing says. its all german and all i got from it is: 'yes, i' and that it OTL idk where my panda went. prolly on the floor under my bed.

6. DS-CHAN ;;___;; i dont call it that though XD some decorations i made when i was younger~ uh, its the old design of sycther or w/e i named him XD my MP4 which has some hilarious recordings on it :'D
3 manga are there >__> 1st vols of FMA, BP and LC. haha its really expensive in melbs OTL
pokemans book i got with firered. still trusty with its knowledge of 1st & 2nd gen

7. benji doesnt like cameras :U he was angry at me cause i wouldnt give him the food in my hand XD Emrin is a space filler!!

8. yes, i have the 100 themes challenge taped to my mirror. shuddup =__= i havent crossed off intro off yet. hmm. ARGH WHY IS IT SO DARK AT 6PM IT MAKES MY HOUSE LOOK PEDO.

9. hurr hurr <3 awesome times that. i didnt know what to put there so you get a pic from the concert >__> plus a quick doodle of olly.

if you cant read my writing or wanna know anything bout my room, just ask XD
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MystifyRio May 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Your room reminds me so much of my room, when i was still in school... Seriously, it was just like yours. XDDDD

2. Lol, i never make me bed either (at least it's RARE that i do XDD)

3. Many posters indeed (Is that a poster of the Eeevee Evolutions i see on your closet? X33) Also nice mess in that one picture XD

4. That so was my desk two years ago... the exact same mess :U Adorable Kaito background~~~ X33

5. I want that fairy poster~~~ *3*

6. Omg your DS is just as awesome as my one XD Ohlol the Pokemon Handbook... Awesomesauce

7. Your dog is so cute <33 (Lol at the picture, with the creatur on him XD)

... Your room may be a total mess, buuuuuuuuuut. it's awesome nonseless~~~ XD

BP-wolf May 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
oh mai, we are connected :'D

theres no point XDD i only make it when im in bed before i sleep cause then i wont get cold at night :U

im too lazy to take them off =3= (IT IS! painted it few years ago, but it looks crap now XD next to it is a painting of natu/xatu with a tiny lugia >w< ) its not messy DDDD: okay, maybe a little.

LOL must be a german thing. ty~~ kaito <3

*buys you one*

thanks XD though its getting old and im up to my 4th stylus :'D (i melted one) pokemans handbook ftw <3 goes well with copypasta and sebastian with his shoujo bubbles~

haha he was sorta maybe a little pissed with me when i came up to him with a camera XD he's had cuter moments :U (idk what he was doing XD)

... thank you ;;;___;;; yours is awesome (and clean!) too XD
MystifyRio May 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
We are : D

The only point i see in "making our beds" is, that it will get "fresh air~~" or something (so that it doesn't stink you know? XD) Everything else... who cares if our bed looks nice X'D But yeah :U

When i first read your comment and didn't remember what we were talking about, i thought that you meant your clothes ... i'm horrible... sorry *brick's herself* orz Then let them where they are~~ :U (Well... the smaller version here looks great XD But pffft, if you say so XD That poster is too small here~~ But the idea sounds cute >3<) ... A little. Yes. Of course a little. Just. a. little. OF COURSE :'D *brick'd*

Probably~~ XD np~~ <3


Welcome XD How old is it? :U Holy 4th stylus already? XD (MELTED?! WTH D: ) Yes~~ Yes again~ And now i'm hungry :U Those shoujo bubbles are awesome.~~

Lol as if every pet is pissed, when it sees a camera *looks at bunny* But pffft. XD

You're welcome~~~ .3. Thank you~~ (it wouldn't be i tell you XD)
BP-wolf May 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
>__> is that why my bed smells... KIDDING :'D but srsly.

i read back on my comment and i lold, so hard XDD mmkays :U haha small view makes crappy things look good XD i think my bathrobe is covering half anyway~ yes. only a small amount XDD

uh, i got it when it first came out with nintendogs so... idk D: YEAH! i lost the first one at an airport, second one was melted, 3rd got lost :U just recently actually. (YES! i was playing with it in fire and wax and then it melted :'D i still have it rofl) *gives you foods* huur they are.

haha XD welcome~
MystifyRio May 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
...I laughed XDD Aha? srsly yeah? XD

Pffft omg XDDyeskays :U Why yes~ Of course it does XD What a bad bathrobe XD Yes~ :3

Holy shit... That's already quite a long time :U (Then again, i still have my first DS It still works XD and that is probably just as old as yours :U) Lol your styles wnet on an adventure at an airport and... no comment to the others XD. (Have you been THAT bored? Or did you just wanted to see if it could melt? XDD Lol) *thank you XD* Indeed~
BP-wolf May 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah and its finally shown signs of ageing with 2 broken pixels XDD glad my mum bought me a spare 3 pack when i first got it XD (can you believe, i didnt think it would melt because it was covered in wax? haha somebody was a little dull that day :'D)
MystifyRio May 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol 2 broken pixels? XDD Then again, the touchscreen of my old one isn't working right anymore. :I Anyway, glad you mum did XD (Oh the simple mind of the youth... But yes i can believe that XDD)
BP-wolf May 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, its really awkward cause when the screen goes dark it really stands out D:
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m-sharlotte May 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
cool, but messy O.O I never imagined you being so messy ^^;, my room looks like nobody lives in there, like it's untouched XD
BP-wolf May 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
haha this isnt messy XD quite clean actually.
lol really? i like my room all messy and cosy >w<
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