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January 16, 2011
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Poketurian Skies: Jasper by BP-wolf Poketurian Skies: Jasper by BP-wolf
well hey, there's an actual catergory for apps and stuff.

:iconpoketurianskies: :iconpoketurianskies: :iconpoketurianskies:

{expect this to be edited quite a lot :'D}


<div align="center">Name:
Jasper Folsense
(hardly uses his last name though) yes, Folsense as in the town in Pandora's Box. i thought it suited him shutup


180cm / 5'9


Discharge Pokemon [link]

The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokemon.

SUNASABA home of the bishie leaders



Spark - The user throws an electrically charged tackle at the foe. It may also leave the target paralyzed.

Uproar (egg move) - The user attacks in an uproar for two to five turns. Over that time, no one can fall asleep.

Twin hidden blades infused with yellow (electric) shards. (hidden blades? switchblades? im not sure what they're called OTL) blades appear above his hands.


+ His job
+ Happiness
+ Flying
+ Sweet foods
+ People watching his shows
+ Jewels
+ Cool nights
+ Nice weather
+ The markets
+ Colourful lights

+ Getting covered in mud
+ Rotten food
+ Getting sick
+ Being alone (only exception is when he is at home),
+ Talking about his past

Carefree and optimistic, Jas enjoys bringing smiles to the people around him. With the politeness of a gentleman and the curiosity of a child, he loves to meet new people and will often invite them to his many shows he performs. While he is courteous to everyone, once somebody starts flirting with him, he will turn into a flustered mess and will try to swiftly excuse himself. Jas is also quite loyal to his leaders and nation, and will take his fighting seriously if he has to. (though he hardly does fight) He rarely talks about his past to anyone, often changing the subject or giving a quick response before turning the conversation into useless small chat.

Born into a working family of five, Jasper was always fascinated by what his older siblings and parents were doing. While young, he was always willing to help out at his father LUXRAY's shop, which sold goods all around the nation. His mother, originally from Sanctrius, often left the house for days or weeks on end to give psychic advice or deliver orders for her husband. Because of this, Jasper grew closer to the next motherly figure in his life; his SWELLOW sister. Whenever the shop closed or when the eldest son (LUXIO) took over their shifts, his sister took Jasper out into the crowded streets and let him throw coins to the entertainers in town. It was this simple pleasure of watching amazing talents with his family that he loved most. But, the time he had with them was limited.

At the age of 10, Jasper had already learnt many merchant secrets and had began saving up his allowance so he could one day travel with the trade. As his siblings grew older, they began to leave home for longer, often returning with a small sum of money to keep the family going. One day while shopping in the markets with his mother and sister, he noticed that there was an unusual air surrounding them. Troubled, he asked the reason, only to be fed with brief mutters of a financial strain. Through the crowds they walked, when they finally arrived at a fairly small building with only one window and a rotting door. With a slightly longer hug than usual, his mother whispered for him to stay into the building until their shopping was done. He sat obediently on the dusty floor, playing with a ball he found outside. As his family shut the door, he swore he heard his sister let out a heart-wrenching sob before disappearing.

The day turned into night, and still the little boy sat in the room, watching as bright lights danced in the inky sky outside the window. A day passed, two, before Jasper decided to venture out of the room. He was getting quite hungry, and distressed that nobody has returned to fetch him. As he stepped out into the sunshine, he realised how small he was against the crowd. Running back to his shop and house, he found to his horror that everything was gone. Where was his family? Distress turned into tears, and despite his frenzied attempts to find out where they went, he couldn't piece together why they would leave him there. Hunger eventually clawed at his energy, and his survival instincts kicked in. The money he had saved up quickly ran out, and Jasper began to steal food from unsuspecting merchants. Guilt began to eat at him though, and he decided to look for a better method of living his life.

A few months later while on a little 'hunting trip' (as he would call it) at night, he was suddenly picked up and placed on a man's shoulders. After the initial shock, Jasper saw he was surrounded by a mass of people, all eagerly awaiting something from him. With a sudden lift, the little boy was thrown into the air, but landed safely again on another performer's shoulders. They excitedly whispered into his little ears, telling him to dance to the beat of the music. Jasper had never danced in front of so many people before, but after a few encouraging shoves, he began to nervously step to the deep drums playing in the background. As the crowd clapped along and as bright lights fizzed around him, confidence grew inside him, and his steps became more quick and he even began to copy the entertainers who were twirling around. As the music flowed through his body and money began to clatter at his feet, a smile spread across his face and for the first time in months Jasper let out a giggle.

Now 19, Jasper has given up desperately looking for his family knowing that they would probably never return. And if they did, he would welcome them with open arms and a million questions. He often wonders if they miss him as much he misses them, but knows he was raised to look after himself, no matter what happens. With the help of the performers, Jas awakened his passion of entertaining and learned how to create his own light shows with his own element. By day he's either napping in his small housing shared by other Sunasaba residents or exploring the bustling markets (sometimes helping out if he's in need of money). But when the sun goes down, he sets up a little area and begins his show to dazzled shoppers. Even though he's been performing for so long, the thrill he gets every time the crowd gasps or applauds sends a new spark of energy into his heart.

Additional info:

+ Ever since he was left alone in the small room, Jas has hated staying by himself in empty places, except if it's his own house.

+ Loves the idea of flying, and wishes to ride in a flying machine one day.

+ He still keeps in touch with the performers, but they have since moved on to other parts of Sunasaba.

+ Has two necklaces; one has a key which doesn't open anything and the other is a small flute, which he hardly plays cause he fails at it.

+ Even though he's given up on his family returning, he still sometimes thinks about travelling around to other nations to find them.

+ Doesn't like mud on his clothes cause it weakens his electric powers needed for his shows :'D

+ His ability only activates when in battle or when he feels threatened.

+ Jas is a light sleeper and can cook simple meals, but loves trying the different food in the markets.

+ Is friends with Dani, a DRAGONITE who often 'drops by' for breakfast who also reminds him of his sister

+ Quite speedy, but lacks a little in the defence area |D

+ Often wonders if Rovina has simple joys like entertainers or shows to please the crowd.

+ Pockets. Pockets everywhere. Okay not really but he keeps all his stuff in them.


OHMYGOD 5 HOURS LATER NO THANKS TO LUCY I FINISHED WRITING. actually i didnt write anything in the first 2 and a half hours :'D BUT STILL.

sorry for the tl;dr OTL i guess i havent written in a while and damn im probably going to write more later. but woo im finished! and its 2am! fff so glad :icontearplz:

i finished his app like, a week ago cause ~kishi-san got all impatient and then i had to wait and ffffff


CAUSE GUYS GUESS WHAT I WON AN AUCTION ON EBAY FOR THE FIRST ACE ATTORNEY GAME AWWWW YEAHHH HURRAY FOR PLAYING GAMES OUT OF ORDER. but i got it for $1 amg so cheap :'D and the postage cost $10 lmao. i couldnt sleep last night cause i was so excited about bidding. spent the day watching the screen, waiting for it to end so i could dance around. this is why i shouldnt be allowed to buy online XD hopefully the floods wont delay the delivery too much though people on twitter would have seen me post like, 20 billion tweets about how excited i was :'D

and wow thats a long history sorry bout that. you dont have to read it. i dont know what's going on. or why some people would randomly pick up a kid and throw him around then force him to dance. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT HE BECAME AN ENTERTAINER AND IS LOVING IT. AND THAT HIS FAMILY LEFT HIM. NOBODY KNOWS WHY. NOT EVEN I DO.

also, blue and yellow are very limited colours to work with, and this is the best i could do while trying to stick to a MANECTRIC's design OTL i had never even heard of that pokemon till i looked up electric types. i mean, i have an ELECTRIKE on diamond, i knew it evolved, but i didnt know what into.

right i should go to bed. hopefully i get in |D i think you guys should join in too. i WAS going to have a SNEASEL mystic in erm, sanctrius or w/e, but i realised i had too many girl OCs and made an entertainer, then i found out rach was a leader of THE NATION I WAS JOINING and went, ah. right well.

//gets kicked to bed

Jasper (c) BP-wolf
#PoketurianSkies (c) *jiru-chan
Dani (c) ~golden-eggs


wow okay thats a lot of writing. this is why i dont make apps very often, cause i gotta make a whole history my OCs XD

oh btw, did you know ive been spelling Sunasaba wrong all this time? ive been typing/saying it as SUNSABA. lmao oh me. i need to make a PSkies folder later. okay bed now.
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